October 19, 2017

Life Lately: fall thinking

making: plans for family time.
cooking: all the time, curry, Indian food, roast beef, stir fry, fried egg sandwiches, etc. 
drinking: water, homemade hot cocoa in front of the fireplace.  
wanting: some new work proposals to work out.  
looking: at all sorts of garden plans, looking at seeds, bulbs, and best places.  
wasting: not a single dry day for playing outdoors
enjoying: the change of seasons - this hot summer has finally faded to rainy, colorful full blown fall
liking: getting to watch the sunset from this window every evening.
loving: family nights in front of our fireplace drinking cocoa and wrestling Indigo away from James' puzzles
marveling: at how blessed we are to be in this home - so much space and yard.
needing: nothing.  truly.  maybe some insulation for the back of the house.
smelling: an autumn wreath candle in morning.
wearing: wool socks, jeans, plaid shirt, and a content heart
listening: to James' screentime choice - Daniel Tiger
knowing: a date with Brad is in the near future!! 
noticing: how much the kiddos have been growing.
thinking: about the book of Romans
feeling: really content with life right now...soaking in, even in the disciplining.
bookmarking: how to start a garden bed over lawn.  I think I'll choose newspaper layering. 

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