September 11, 2017

Dear Indigo: 9 months

Hello baby girl,

This month, you are moving!  You have 4 teeth now!  You absolutely Love crawling around, and are getting pretty fast.  You are feeding yourself and done with purees.  Baths are a favorite of yours, as are bananas, walks, clapping, and tickles.  You sweet one, are such a happy baby.  You are loving to be held by me the best, but are usually pretty willing to see/talk with others as long as I'm nearby.  You are reaching for other babies, and think the mirror is the coolest thing ever.  I never thought I'd have a kid with a blankie, but you have one - or several.  As long as your Aiden + Anias blankets are in hand, you are content with someone besides me.  Bedtime without them is impossible.  You are less and less of a snuggler, as you are wanting to be off exploring the world.  You are still very expressive with your facial expressions, and I fear dear one that, like me, you will never be able to tell a lie.   But you are pretty chill, and roll with the antics of your brother.  Also your skeptical face is amazing.  Happy end of your first summer!

Love you baby!

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