August 15, 2017

Dear Indigo: 8 months

 Dear Indigo,

Happy eight months.  A you lay sleeping in my arms, I mentally take note of your cool, soft, squishy limbs.  Your elbow and knee rolls and your round apple cheeks...I'm so amazed at the spirit your little body holds. I cannot wait to learn more about you as you learn to can get out a mama or rather mamama when you are upset and reaching for me.  What other words will you be forming next?  I can see your peaceful slumber has shifted into dreams because your fingers have started to twitch and you break out into big grins.  You sometimes smile just like your dad...closed mouth and wide.  You month you've gotten the hang of crawling on your knees and have even started trying to pull yourself up.  I better start planning for our stairs.  Little lady you are such a happy sweet baby, with shy smiles for just about everyone.  And those big blue eyes of yours with their black fringe...they slay me with their intense focus and loving stares.  Indigo you've been more interested in table food, stopped sucking your fingers, grasping cheerios, and love blowing raspberries and shrieking for joy.  We love you lady!

Mama, Dada, + James
 James left : Indigo right (both 8 months)

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