July 29, 2017

Dear Indigo: 7 months

Dear Indigo,

Baby, you are doing so well  This month you cut your first tooth and are sitting up like a little professional.  You are eating purees like a champ, and prefer applesauce the best of all. You are waking up once a night, and much to my chagrin have decided to become a morning girl.  Of course you do then nap at 8am.  You love going for walks, and have moved houses this month.  These were taken in our rental.  You sweetheart are the smiliest, happiest baby.  You prefer me to hold you, but when you're recently fed, you will be content with everyone.  You are decidedly not a snuggler because you have so many things to see, and do and try.  You love to wiggle about!  We love you little lady, and are amazed at how fast you are growing.

Love you baby,

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