June 11, 2017

Dear Indigo: 6 months

Dear Indigo,

Hello my sweet little girl.  You are such a content lady.  You love to snuggle close when you are tired, sucking on your two first fingers on your right hand.  You are enraptured, if sometimes scared, by your brothers antics and attempts at giving hugs.  You have the most expressive eyebrows and facial expressions;  giving away your exact feelings, which you come by honestly as my face is an open book.  You are up to 16 lbs and 25.25 inches tall, and love looking at the world around you.  You can sit for several seconds all by yourself, and are grabbing for everything.  You are eating food (purees) and loving it!  Thus far you've glommed down everything we've given you.  My little lady, you did very well at your 6 month appointment - 16 lbs, 25 inches long, we are so glad you are a healthy girl.  Can't wait to see you grow more and more into your personality.  Lets keep these early morning wake-ups the rarity though, alright?


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