June 1, 2017

Dear Indigo: 5 months

Hello sweet girl,

You have such a sweet voice, as you coo and hum all day with a smiling face.  You are a very relaxed little lady.  You've been preferring to only be held by your Mama, but tolerate others for a short bit.  You'be been gaining neck strength, and can roll either way now, but you actually like being on your tummy.  You are such a content baby, now that regular milk is out of my system, which thankfully we figured out early on.  You've taken to sucking on your pointer and middle fingers of your right hand.  It is so precious, but we've been pulling them out so that your teeth don't come in weird.  You've been drooling up a storm, but no teeth yet.  Indigo you've laughed!!!  Its more of a chuckle/giggle, and I have to be careful to not let James tickle you because it like being tickled by wolverine claws.  You are sleeping through the night, save for one early morning nursing sometime two if you go to bed early.  We love you dearly, and are so beyond blessed to have you in our family.  This month was a difficult one for your Mama with Graham's 2 yr anniversary, so many reminders of what we missed with him.  Sweetie, you are such a precious little lady.  I savor your sweet smiles and squishy little legs.  You love to be held, facing out to see and experience the world.  We love you Indigo!

Hugs and kisses,
Mama + Daddy

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