April 12, 2017

Dear Indigo: 4 months

Dear Indigo.

Sometimes I sit and hold you and just weep.  You were so anticipated, my dear.  We weren't sure if we would get another chance.  But here you are smiling, cooing.  You've decided that you are decidedly a night out and love to sleep in until at least 8 am.  (Of course that includes eating during the night)  Your smiles lights up your entire face!!! and your scowl is hilarious...even if it is around more often than not...those furrowed eyebrows...deep in thought.  You've gaining weight and height ahead of schedule.  You are in good control of your head now and thus are enjoying tummy time more.  You've also taken the habit of sucking your thumb and forefinger on your left hand.  We love you and all your little sounds.  James loves to hold you...as do I.  Your favorite thing is bath time and the quiet.  You love a quiet room with one on one attention and eye contact.  And my dear, you have such expressive eyes.

Love you dearly,
Mama for all
Indigo 4 months: James 6 months: Same overalls. same blue eyes.

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