March 22, 2017

Tea Time

I love tea.  There is no doubt of this if you peek into my cupboards...I have an entire section devoted to it.  I enjoy herbals, reds, and blacks.  There are loose-leafs and pre-bagged.  There is really a tea for every occasion, and I've even gotten my black coffee drinking husband to enjoy (yes, really) a cup.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you, in case you want to expand or add a new flavor to your day.

Sleepytime (Celestial Seasonings) - best for an evening, sublte, cozy tea: chamomile + mint

Sweet and Spicy (Good Earth) - best as a zippy, pick me up tea (I love it iced): black tea + cinnamon

Chocolate Chai (Zhena's Gypsy Tea) - best anytime with a splash of milk: rooibos tea

Blueberry (Alaska Wild Tea) - best fruity tea: blueberries + chamomile

Egyptian Licorice (Yogi) - best "gateway" into the tea world: licorice

English Breakfast Tea (Twinings) - best classic tea + energy boost: black tea (I prefer it best with a splash of milk and dash of cloves)

*Most of these teas can be purchased at your local grocery except the Alaska Wild Tea, for that I provided a link.


  1. Sweet and Spicy (Good Earth) is one of my favorites too! A similar one is Bengal Spice.

    1. Mm...does Bengal Spice have a bit of orange in it? It sounds familiar. How has your winter been?

    2. Really good - I was able to get up skiing quite a bit, even during the week when there aren't the crowds, now that I am retired!