March 11, 2017

Dear Indigo: 3 months

Dear Indigo,

You are 3 month old lady!  Lately you have been awake much, much more.  You are smiling and grinning at everyone, and it melts me.  You'be been gaining weight up to 12.5lbs, and growing tall 23".  Your lovely brown locks are here to stay, and I cannot believe how long your hair is - already past your shirt collars in the back.  As I suspected, you are a night owl baby...usually awake and wanting to lay on the floor and play from 8-11pm.  Of course this is shortening my nights since you are liking to be up late, and your brother likes to be up early.  I'm not complaining though because you are such an amazing sleeper and have been since the beginning.  You sleep through the night whenever you go down and wake up to eat once between 4:30 and 6am!  Then you're back to sleep until 8am.  Sweetheart, keep it up.  Also little lady, you've rolled over 5+ times...everyone else has seen it except me...what gives?  Your favorite thing of late, which helps with evening fussiness, is bouncing on the red exercise ball (a trick I picked up when James was a babe).  Baths are still a favorite, especially since we transitioned to the tub...perhaps you'll be a swimmer.  We love you Indigo Marlene, and guess what?!  You have 3 new baby cousins to meet in 2017!!  You weren't the youngest for long.  Wyatt Kevin McCurry arrived this month, with a new girl McCurry cousin AND a boy Clark cousin arriving next month.  You'll have plenty of playmates.  Also princess, that is one of the last of my hand-me-downs, everyone at church thought you looked so sweet in it last week.

Nose kisses,

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