February 2, 2017

Life Lately: My favorite time of day

My favorite time of the day is the middle of the night.  Or at least it has been lately.  You see, lately, it has been musical beds around here with bringing Indigo home.  James is going through wicked sleep regression, she had been crying around 10pm for an hour or so and is now simply awake from 10-midnight.  So you could easily walk through our house and find people sleeping in random places...Brad or Susan on the couch hoping for some winks sans crying baby in ear, Brad and James in James' room, James in with me, Indigo in crib, Indigo in with me, Brad and me in our bed, Brad in James' bed alone, all of us in the same bed.  And since it has been so crazy, I love it when we are all together and quietly resting in the same space.  Usually this occurs around 3am.  I am awake feeding Indigo in our bed, and James wanders in bleary eyed, and crawls over me and snuggles next to Brad.  And for a brief moment, my loves are all resting and contented and quiet.  It is beautiful. 

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