January 11, 2017

Dear Indigo: 1 month

Dear Indigo Marlene,

Hello sweet pea!  You are already bringing so much joy to our little family, even if your favorite activity is sleeping. :) You are such a content little lady, save for some tummy issues that become more apparent at night (we're pretty certain dairy is to blame).  And we are all thrilled to have you snuggling in all of our arms.  James is quite taken with you and wants to hold and kiss and hug you all throughout the day, so his play is punctuated with Indigo breaks.  You love baths.  LOVE them.  I think you'd stay laying in the water all day if I'd let you: wide-eyed, making happy faces, calm.  The same reaction is for any car ride...which I'm thinking means you were meant for a road trip!

gaining 3 lbs back up to over 9lbs
out of newborn clothing
sometimes sleeping for 4 and 5 hour stretches at night

Love you baby,
Indigo + Mama 30 years earlier

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