December 1, 2016

2016 October + November Garden Update

Forgive the atrocious lighting of this picture, but October was a beautifully sunny month.  It was the perfect time to plant a patch of grass for next spring.  So I bought myself some grass seeds to scatter on one portion of the "yard".  I hand-scattered once and let it sprout and then seeded again over top.  The pepper plants (back left planter) were still producing thru mid-October and the lemon balm (back right planter) started establishing itself and is doing really well.

Look at this garden all tucked in for the winter.  I raked the leaves to cover the planter boxes as well as to the left of the path.  Hoping the decay the send some nutrients back into the soil.  The grass is absolutely luscious!  I wish I had planted either side of the rock path and simply left the boxes for new plantings. Hindsight...oh well.  My late planted lemon balm (back right planter)is still doing quite well and perhaps the leaf mulch will keep it going longer.   There are still pops of California poppies coming thru which makes me laugh...I'm sure once we get some frost they'll fade.  Clearly I need to do a bit more leaf cleanup, and attempt to kill all the dandelions along the foundation...but its coming along nicely.  I'm mostly excited about the grassy patch in the front so that I'll have someplace soft to sit baby next spring since our backyard is filled scary buried surprises and won't grow grass/clover for anything...oh renting.

I'm dreaming about what to do for next spring/summer.

Hopeful returns in the front:
Phlox border - bigger and better.
Tulip bulbs along front walk
Lemon balm back planter
Chamomile front L"lawn"
California poppies front L "lawn"

Annuals to add in the spring:
bush beans (w/ lemon balm)
pink cosmos, dill + coriander (in L planter)


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