December 9, 2016

Little Clark III: 36 + 37 weeks

37 weeks
Hello baby girl,

Well baby,  you're being evicted.  Courtesy of the doctor.  I've puffed up so much, coupled with surprise high blood pressure and those 24 hr test results - preeclampsia says hello.  They want to induce at 37 weeks (Friday Dec 9), but there isn't room on the schedule until Sunday night.  So baby girl, I'm guessing we'll see you Monday!!  It feels crazy to have a schedule for meeting you.  But its so close I can almost taste your sweet cheeks and fingers.  Daddy is a bit stressed out with all the pregnancy difficulties.  He just wants us all to be safe, well rested and healthy.  James keeps asking if its Christmas yet because the tree is up and you're coming.  And I'm continuing to remind myself that despite really wanting to meet you - its easier to care for you when you're inside.  Also there is a snowstorm going on right now...its gorgeous, but perhaps you should just take my word for it.  But I'm hopeful and prayerful that everything will turn out well.  We'll get you delivered and into the world safely, the newborn fog will set in, and we'll all adapt to being a bigger family.  We love you SO much baby girl.  Please keep her healthy and safe Lord.  Prepare James, Brad and I for our last days of being us and first days of the four of us.

Love and snuggles baby,

36 weeks
Dear baby,

Congrats you hold the longest gestation record!  We are SO proud and happy for you.  You're making me work for it, no doubt after this week. :) At my apt this week, they noticed my blood pressure was high and my puffiness was extra special, of course that concerned them, so blood work and labs were ordered.  4 sticks later they were finally able to get some blood - I HATE getting my blood draw because my veins are notoriously difficult.  Labs came back elevated so that meant a 24 hr urine test.  I'm not complaining baby, just trying to document here.  Anything is worth you staying safe and baking a little bit longer.  These curveballs just made for a busy week.  We are anxious for your arrival, but wouldn't mind you waiting a bit more as a terrible headcold has hit the family, and James and I have been miserably drippy, hacking and congested.  So here we are awaiting news and labs...but hoping to get a Christmas tree this weekend!


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