November 30, 2016

Monthly Portrait: November

This month we enjoyed shockingly great weather, soccer outside, raking leaves, family movie nights, and preparation for baby.  Brad celebrated 6 months at his new job, and James' spent most days building caves out of pillows and blankets, playing with paw patrol toys and running around outside.  I think I need a hug. OR let's laugh! - are his most common phrases, and he consistently asks for spaghetti for breakfast.  This is likely our last month as this exact family dynamic, since December will bring about some changes with a new baby.  I am so thankful for this wonderful family we've created.  It is crazy to me that I've only known Brad for 6 years, but imagining life without him seems impossible and definitely worse.  His steady and gentle ways are just what I need, and raising James together is a joy and a challenge as we strive to be the best examples we can be.  Watching James discover the world around him and how he thinks and feels about things is beautiful, and we are praying that his strong and compassionate spirit stays with him as he grows.  It is truly amazing to see how children can reveal your true character; birthing James, losing Graham, raising James - these innocents are witnesses to the everyday grasping towards being a person worthy of the position I  As this month draws to a close and we prepare for another seasonal and familial shift, we are ready, we are excited, and we are waiting as patiently as possible.

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