October 3, 2016

Monthly Portrait: September

This month James turned 3.  I cannot believe it.  He is getting so tall, so independent, so helpful and he is doing so well potty training.  Favorite phrases this month are:

"tickle me Mom!" (who is this child?!)
"snow deer" (reindeer)
"learn it to me, Mom" (read it - the book- to me)
"maybe you should take a rest Mama, and Daddy and I can watch a little show" (innocent smile included)

He has taken to kissing my belly every so often and giving baby sister hugs.  He loves to sing and play his uke.  When we were playing stuffed animals and rough-housing on his bed, he asked me to wait - grabbed a blanket and upon placing it over my tummy pronounced that now the baby wouldn't get hurt - then proceeded to jump on me.  

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