October 11, 2016

Little Clark III: 28 weeks

Hello baby,

My goodness you have been feeling extra large and wiggly.  This past week you put on a huge growth spurt - I feel like I've tripled in size.  I even had to go in for an ultrasound to check your growth - a bit ahead- but only another doctor visit will determine if my due date will change (they were talking about moving it up a month!).  You are 3 lbs, 15 inches and head and feet down.  You are completely bend in half with your feet up above your head, Houdini (in the picture your head is facing us with legs and feet shown up above your head).  I passed my 3 hr glucose with flying colors!  But my blood sugar was so low from fasting I almost passed out on the drive home.  Yikes, but thankfully we made it safely.  I'm working to get more prepared for your arrival...your spot in our room is mostly cleared out, a diaper bag (from Auntie Moo) is partially packed, a few baby clothes have been washed.  James is very excited for his "tiny Christmas baby" to get here, and we are too!  I've been wondering about your personality and what you will be like...mentally prepping myself for a small midnight tyrant.  Mama turned 30 this week, and baby it feels good.  We love you little girl!

Hugs and nose kisses,
Mama & Daddy

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