October 18, 2016

Life Lately: Fall Thinking

making: serving platters with henna designs and samples for my drawing + painting class

cooking: not as much. Brad recently took over a portion of dinners...amazing!

drinking: homemade hot cocoa...mmmmm.

wanting: a pair of comfortable, leather, cute, reasonably priced, wide toe shoe/booties...chupacabra

looking: at the garden slowly fading outside as cool foggy mornings appear

wasting: money...oh car troubles...

enjoying: the drizzly, cloudy, crisp weather

liking: the change of season - fall will always be my favorite

loving: embracing who I was made to be

marveling: at how quickly a clean room can be trashed by one small human

needing: a back massage...baby is getting heavy

smelling: cinnamon, apple cores, nutmeg, and clove simmering on the stove

wearing: scarves and jeans er'day

listening: to the sound of silence

knowing: the days are long and the months are short...um OCTOBER is 1/3 over!

noticing: Canadian geese heading south

thinking: about the upcoming election.  about the refugee crises in the Near East and upcoming close of Dadaab (the largest refugee camp in the world: 300,000 people that's more than pop. of Tacoma).

feeling: baby girl move all the time...she feels ginormous

bookmarking: painted portrait artists and baby girl clothes

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