September 13, 2016

North Fork Campground: Gifford Pinchot National Forest

One of our end of summer goals was to go camping.  It was late Friday evening when we arrived hoping for an open site...the sun was painting everything yellow.

Mission accomplished with North Fork Campground in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  It is absolutely gorgeous here.  Mature trees dripping with moss, a gorgeous rocky stream and walking trails.  (We accessed the campground via Highway 12 heading East, and taking a right onto the NF-23 road, which was washed out and blocked off, 1/2 mi beyond the entrance.
The campground is densely wooded, and we were able to snag the last open spot!  Our Coleman 3-man tent is still holding up well 5+ years later!
Morning fires, cocoa (or coffee), and flannel was definitely required as it was pretty chilly.  But that chill was gone by noon.
 James loved getting to explore the area...with snacks of course.
 He woke up both mornings, and shot out of the tent at 6:30am...I was a bit more bleary eyed.
 But really sitting at our table and seeing this site was absolutely wonderful and relaxing.  And props to me for (finally) thinking ahead and baking blueberry + corn muffins for pre-breakfast snacks.
Sidenote:  THE BEST rocky stream front beach is just a short walk down the trail, which is where we spent the entirety of both days.  No pics because we were enjoying rather than documenting.  We stayed in site #8, but site #2 & 3 are right on the water and look extra great!

Did you get to go camping this summer?  Or are you planning a few fall trips?  We are hoping for a fall beach camping trip in the next few weeks.  

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