September 16, 2016

Little Clark III: 25 weeks

Dear baby girl, 

Happy 25 weeks!  You have been getting strong with your kicks!  They can even be felt from the outside for those with enough patience to wait.  They are guessing you are 13.5 inches now and 1.5lbs...which seems large, and supposidely you're growing hair.  Neither of your brothers had much, so I'm not holding my breath for lucious locks.  I've been starting to get ready for your arrival - ish.  Clearing out our closet for a divider for your clothes, looking for flannel for cradle sheets, sorting thru James clothes for gender neutral stuff (although you could wear all his old stuff).  I picked up a cute going home outfit though, which is girly, snuggly and floral.  You've been getting more and more active, which makes me starry-eyed every time.  Its really amazing: a miracle that another life, another spirit, another personality, another will, another heart beats inside of me, another being currently resides in my abdomen.  Love you baby.  I'm so curious for the person you will become or already are.  I'm curious and excited to see the dynamics of our family change.  

Fall is in the air little lady...winter is coming,

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