August 31, 2016

Monthly Portrait: August

This month we've met some of my end of summer goals - blackberry stained fingers after afternoon picking, campfire smoke laden laundry after a weekend of camping, cooling off in the hose on 95 degree days.  James is pretty awesome; his new favorite game is hide and seek in the dryer while I sit on the floor next to it.  He is changing and developing with every passing month.  Three of my favorite James-isms from this month are:

After I spilled droplets on my belly when taking a drink of water: "Mom! You're getting water all over the baby."

Upon Brad walking in the front door after work: "Perhaps now that Daddy is home, I have some screen time.  Perhaps."

Upon seeing my laying down down and explaining that I am tired and a bit sick, "Maybe if I hold your hand a little bit, you can feel all better."  

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