August 27, 2016

Little Clark III: 22 weeks

Hello baby girl,

I'm laying here on the couch feeling you kick...I don't think you like the computer resting on my belly.  I've been day dreaming of snuggling you in the early mornings, dressing you in cute little outfits, (maybe even matching ones with me - help me),  letting your hair grow long and pulling it back in a bow, watching you and James play tag or build forts together.  I'm dreaming of future hot cocoa dates with you and walks through the park.  I'm dreaming of your tiny little fingers and nose.  Wanting to curl up with you in flannel and blankets wishing it were December already, so you'd be here.  But that time will come.  For now, summer is just ending, and fall is right around the corner.  You're spaghetti squash size now...around 1 lb, and 11 inches long or so.  Your lips, eyes and eyebrows are getting more distinct.  Will you have deep set eyes like your Dad?  Will you have my mouth and upturned nose?



  1. Oh man! Mine kicks when I have the laptop on my belly too! They must not like the pressure of it or something, so funny! <3

  2. That is funny. :) Of course mine won't kick for Brad no matter how he presses. Isn't that just the way things work?