August 4, 2016

2016 July Garden Update

Warning:  This is a picture heavy post of basically all plants...but if you scroll to the bottom, you'll find a little garden helping taking pictures with me on the path.

I've been eating yummy green beans, and chili pepper plants have really taken off!!  Sadly, I realized a bit too late that the neighbor's tree shades half of the front area, so one side is looking a little sad.
But my succulents are blooming!
One green bean patch is on its last harvest, while the other is just starting.  My green onions are still going well, and are so fun to chop up.  The cilantro has finally flowered, and I'm waiting to collect the coriander seed.
Those California poppies have gone to town, taken over and are running wild!  I wish that more of the chamomile had done well, but oh well.  I have two little spots.
Surprise surprise, the phlox I transplanted the beginning of this month has a bloom!
Even my restarted lemon balm is slowly coming along, and the dill is doing pretty well.  The things I got into the containers late are even doing well (mostly).  These are dahlias and pink honeysuckle.
While this pot is filled to the brim with crocosmia, aggies and irises.
Even my roses are still blooming.
This guy helps me with watering, making the plants hearty (throwing balls, trucks, etc. into the plants), and harvesting.  I think the pulling of beans, peppers and flowers off the plants is his favorite part.  
In other news, this is my 500th post since starting this blog after college!

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