July 9, 2016

Little Clark III: 15 weeks

Dear baby,

Happy 15 weeks old.  This week, at our check up, I had mentioned being nervous to find out about whether or not you may have anencephaly like your brother.  So our awesome doc, said, "Oh, well the ultrasound machines aren't being used today.  Would you like to check now?"  So I brought your Nana and James into the little room with me, and we held our breath as the warm gel was squeezed on my tummy.  There you were, heart beat 162, with a full round perfect little skull - and growing little brain inside.  Thank you Lord, for such a wonderful answer to prayer.  I guessed I would cry, but I was in such a state of disbelief, all I could do was open my mouth.  She quickly showed us your head shape from side and cross section and even your little hand.  Baby there you were!  You're supposedly apple size now and can sense light and dark.  So I'm sure we'll play around with flashlights this week.  We love you, and are praying to meet you.  Your Daddy and James both have been passing along lots of loving touches to my tummy.  We've started watching your cousin Colton, so James will be all practiced up for when you arrive this winter.  Loves and kisses. - Mama

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  1. Susan, I just now read this wonderful news, I have tears streaming down my face. I'm rejoicing with you in the Lord. ~Jaime E.