July 29, 2016

5th Anniversary - Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier National Park

Brad and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in June.  We treated ourselves to a night in the gorgeous Paradise Inn in Mt. Rainier National Park.  Its been a dream of mine for YEARS.  The lodge is huge, built in the early 1900s with dead trees harvested from a lower area of the park.  There are huge stone fireplaces at either end of the massive visitors area, and the inn quarters are attached behind.  The rooms are little, but with this view - who is complaining?

The days was perfect, blue sky, snowy mountain, because it was still spring, the snow was still melting, which left rivers in the parking lots, the constant sound of babbling streams and fresh greenery shooting up through the snow.  It was lovely.
To the South lay the Tatoosh Range, which was also glorious.  I didn't take many pictures, as we were focusing on soaking in the beauty together without scrambling to document.  We held hands, went for little walks, talked and talked, and sat and soaked in the mountains all sans James.  Admittedly, we missed him, but so enjoyed our time just the two of us.
That said, we did attempt to get a selfie, which proved to be difficult with our height differences.

If ever the opportunity presents itself, visit Mt. Rainier.  Just go.  Even if it is clouded in, the trees, scent, Narada Falls, will be there to welcome you with open arms.

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