June 2, 2016

Monthly Portrait: May

This month I've been working on savoring the moment.  Savoring and basking in...opening the fridge to find a neatly lined up row of little cars.  Patting his tummy at naptime and hearing his little voice say, "my toes aren't cozy Mommy", and recovering his little feet with blankets.  All the potty training successes and accidents.  The walks to "throw bread at the duckies".  I'm enjoying the hunts for dandelions  seeds to shake into the wind because blowing = eating.  James is 2 yrs, 8 months, and a little whirlwind.  Why walk - when you can run?  Why talk - when you can sing? Why listen - when you have your own agenda? 

 We are throat deep in training him into a kind-hearted, respectful, honest, obedient boy...many days feel like utter failures.  It is funny how different James and my childhood behaviors are (at least what I remember) behaving/interacting with my parents.  Our personalities are quite different resulting in very different confrontations.  He is fond of being in control and asserting himself thus, which will serve him well in the future if he can learn to respect authority and listen to others.  He has much compassion for others, generously giving hugs, kisses and neck pats to make sure everything is ok.  He would much prefer to be running around naked singing at the top of his lungs than quietly play with blocks, but both types of play happen.  I wake up never knowing what exactly the day will bring, and I don't mind one bit.

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