June 24, 2016

Little Clark III: 13 weeks

Hello baby, 
I cried when the nurse found your quick little heartbeat on the ultrasound, I was so nervous that I'd lost you since I felt so great.  She said you looked just fine for an 8 week old.  You are 13 weeks old today - over three months.  We have been praying hard that you're healthy and whole.  Thus far carrying you has been easy and wonderful...no sickness, no losing weight (no gaining either), shape shifting quickly.  I hope you decide to keep things that way. But I do have to say, I am all tuckered out by 4pm.  We are working on names, and have settled on a few of our favorites.  James is convinced he needs another brother, so I'm guiding him towards the idea that we don't get to decide.  I've been eating mini meals all day, (even once during the night) so perhaps that is what is staving off the nausea.  Baby, we love you, and hope to meet to in December.  You goal is Dec 2 (full term) anything after is just icing on the cake, got it.
Love and kisses,


  1. Oh, Susan, I'm in tears reading this post, as I imagine your joy and anxiousness. I will be praying for you and Baby. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news about this precious life. ~Jaime E.

  2. Jaime! Thank you so much, we are working in enjoying each day.