June 22, 2016

2016 June Garden Update

The last time you saw my garden it was nothing but dirt, rocks and empty beds.  Remember?  Not anymore.  I've been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures to document the growth happening over here.  After a computer crash earlier this month, I haven't been motivated since all those pictures were lost that had yet to be backed up on my external hard drive. So here goes my little iphone camera for the win.

So....I have terrible soil;as in it is mostly rocks and woodchip dust, and roots from a spreading maple that keeps sending up little trees.  In one particular area, none of my chamomile was coming up.  Weeks went by and nothing; so I sowed some California poppies.   Two more weeks and still nothing; I sowed some dill.   All of the sudden my little patch was awakening...everything was coming up at once. Awesome. but that meant I had no idea what was what.
The middle right spidery one is chamomile, most of the rest are california poppies, front and center are succulents. the small shoots are dill.
 Take notice of the little construction zone in the back bed. :)
 The lay of the land...I was ambitious.  But we've already harvested some of the onions and chilies.
Volunteer pansies/johnny jump ups.  Wherever I see them starting, I let them stay...so pretty.

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