March 18, 2016

My Old Garden Round-up

So during my hardscaping (making raised bed out of cool hand-me-down bricks, and turning all the zillions of rocks into a path) I swear we have more rocks than soil!  I've been dreaming about a plan for the little plants that will inhabit the space.  Brad and I looked back at our other little gardens for some inspiration.  I just love seeing things grow up out of the ground...its magic.

Our first "Push seeds into the soil" Garden 2013
One of many harvests (bush beans - not pictured are one trillion zucchini)
For our 2014 Garden, we experimented with Afghan Garbanzo Beans...mild success/fail.
One of multiple harvests (including container basil from seed and blackberries)
2015 was a non gardening year due to a move and losing Graham.

However, my containers survived the move and are thriving.  My 2013 mint and thyme seedlings are now huge, give plenty and smell delish all summer.  I'm adding container yarrow and echinacea this year for more herbs.  

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