March 1, 2016

Monthly Portrait: February

You stopped referring to yourself in third person this month.  No more do I hear, "Jamesy do it."  You've started using I and me instead.  You made it to three feet tall this month, and battled sickness all month.  We had our first night cleaning up throw up off you, your bed, the carpet, my bed and my shirt at 1 am.  We survived and you snuggled back to sleep next to Daddy.  He still puts you to bed every night, and because you always choose the floor over the bed, we moved your mattress down there and are selling your bedframe.  You've memorized your first book, "the Wheel Book" and are getting pretty good at the ABCs.  You love oranges and nenecados (avocados), but I'm pretty sure you would subsist on fruit snacks if we let you.  Your latest phrase is "Weeeeelll"  drawn out all thoughtfully.  

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