February 15, 2016

Parenting: James for the win.

Sometimes parenting is hard.  (and all the parents laughed)  Its true.  Some moments are hard like being awoken at 2:30am by the acrid smell of fresh vomit seconds before a sad little face whispers "Mama?"  There are the moments when your precious child, angered at the answer of no, takes a open handed swing at you.  These are hard moments I don't think you'd disagree,  but I must say that the good so greatly outweighs the hard.  James has been winning lately.  Let me tell you why.

One of his favorite things is throwing bread at to the ducks / seagulls at the park.  He has it in his mind that they also need "hug-ys" (hugs), so he also chases them bend over with his arms outstretched trying to give them while asking "huggy?".  James for the win.

Whenever he finds a Mama-hair, (I have long hair and it sheds...everywhere)  he carefully picks it up and brings it to me.  "Mama-hair, I found it." he proudly proclaims.  I thank him for bringing it back to me and we throw it away.  James for the win.

When playing hide and seek, I'll ask out loud..."Hmm...are you in the kitchen?"  and he shouts his response of no or yes from his hiding spot (his only one - the hall closet).  James for the win.

Last week, out of the blue, we are sitting down to dinner, and he looks at me and earnestly says, "Tank you, a making my dinner Mommy."  I. die.   I was overcome.  Whose kid is this?  Oh yeah, mine!  So I told him he was welcome and how kind it was to say that.  Apparently he liked my response because he's taken to saying it after every meal now.  James for the win.

And I guess its not just James who is winning here because each one impacts another.

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