November 16, 2015

Life Lately: Floating around in my mind

making: new henna designs for next summer's festival season.
cooking: with James, mostly baking, cookies, cornbread...yum!
drinking: All. the. hot. cocoa!
wanting: the sun to stay up longer...winter is upon us and so are the ridiculous sunset times: 4:40?!
looking: at the fall leaves floating down from the soon to be bare trees.
wasting: cup and cups of hot tea...getting cold...waiting to be reheated and drank.
enjoying: family time in the evenings...since its now dark at 5:30pm!
liking: all the clean, sweet smelling folded loads of laundry, waiting to be put away.
loving: curling up on the couch listening to the wind whip outside.
marveling: at how much James has been talking.
needing: a sweatshirt, how is it I have none?!
smelling: the rain.
wearing: fuzzy slippers all day.
listening: to Brad dictate his Marine experiences as I type...and cry.
knowing: that the days are long, but the months are quick.  This year has taken forever, but I also can't believe its November.  So ready to put 2015 behind me.
noticing: how much I miss having my family all together.
thinking: it might be time to focus on potty training...rather than sporadically familiarizing that we've been doing with James.
feeling: all of the feels lately.  happy.  sad.  angry.  confused.  thrilled.
bookmarking: a lot of encouraging Bible verses.
opening: the mail with James, who thinks they all are presents!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. They are comforting somehow....