October 16, 2015

Nature: Deception Falls Picnic Area

Earlier this fall we went on a little family trip, because FALL. Vacation.  No?  Because we love are always open to recommendations, we followed my seester Stephanie's advice and drove across Highway 2 in Washington.  It. Was. Gorgeous.

There was a very short little trail down along the stream through the pine trees.
Complete with Andy Goldsworthy-inspired rock sculptures in the old stream bed.
We had to snag a few family pictures...James didn't want to sit still for two long, because TRAILS.
We walked up from the stream to the bridge that crosses the falls effectively dividing it into lower...
 And upper falls.
Such a lovely, easy little walk.  If you ever drive across Highway 2, I would highly recommend this little stop.  What about you?  Have you taken any little hikes or been outdoors lately?

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