October 18, 2015

Leavenworth, Washington

There is a little town tucked into the Cascade Mountains of Washington...a themed town...a Bavarian themed town.  I've been wanting to visit this little place for quite some time, as I've heard it is so magical.  It was.

All the signs and typography in town are tailored to look like what you might see in a quaint old village.  
Even the gas stations.  And. I die.
 Because it was the end of summer, all the hanging baskets and flower pots were dripping with lush bouquets.
 Also there was music playing in the town square that could be heard when walking down the street.
 There is a huge river front park where we spent some time.
 With fabulous views...
 I can't say I would want to live there, but it certainly was a fun place to visit.  I bet a visit during the Christmas season would be just as magical.

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