July 27, 2015

This summer.

This summer there have been countless planes flying over our new place...each one announced by James.
There has been a cousin's birthday and pinata.
There have been many days spent in the sprinkler.
There have been beautiful, fragrant purple and yellow roses blooming in remembrance of Graham.
There has been a trip to the beach.
There has been a trip to southern California.
There has been the before and after of power-washing the deck.
There have been cousin visits, and aunties and uncles.
Innumerable family walks.
Days spent watching uncles run an excavator,
A drive-in movie.
Countless NCIS episodes.
Early 5:30 mornings as James has started waking up when Brad leaves for work.
The discovery of a wonderful Indian restaurant nearby.
This summer has been full of wonderful things.
And we still have a month before fall hits.


  1. Wonderful post. Love it.

  2. I love your photo of James in the sprinkler! I also loved spending the summer with you guys :) Happy August Clarks.