May 31, 2015

May: I hate you

Goodbye May.  You won't be missed.

First we scrambled to move into a new duplex.
Second said duplex was filthy with a cracked tub and sink and mold.
Third, my water broke the day after move-in.
Fourth, low point of life here, my beautiful and precious son died in my arms.
Fifth, three days later our internet went out because a construction crew cut through the cables and it's been out all month.
Sixth, James got double ear infections and pneumonia.
Seventh, I ripped a stitch when James tacked me, and I lost my balance.

If you're still wondering "how am I", the answer is not great.

There were some high points, good visits from friends.  Delicious meals brought to our door.  Videos of little Graham.  James adding to his vocabulary daily.  Our duplex is freshly painted with pictures hanging on the walls.  Cards with kind words arriving in the mailbox.

I'm keeping low expectations, but here's to hoping June is better.

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