April 28, 2015

Little Clark II: 36 weeks

Hello Graham,

We spent this past week packing, sorting, tossing and giving away, surrounded by boxes.  You see we are moving on Saturday (lovely timing), and getting ready to be in a fresh place with two bedrooms AND a dishwasher.  Our weekly appointments are the same basic thing 15 minute thing.  The doctor says you are quite big, and each week she is surprised to hear of your movement and listen to you steady heartbeat.  I think that because I haven't been on progesterone with a history of pre-term labor, they are shocked to find you, my boy, doing so well this late in the game.  You are still moving around quite a bit...and with the daily contractions/Braxton Hicks, I can see that your time inside is coming to an end.  Your favorite time to wiggle around is whenever I rub my hands around my belly.  I love trying to figure out what is your tush, feet, etc.  They suppose you are close to 17/18 inches long and somewhere around 5 or 6 lbs.  You extend well into my ribs, causing a great deal of heartburn if ever I eat or drink anything.  I must admit that I am a bit nervous for labor because I imagine it will be quite different than with your brother.  Congratulations because you now hold the record for longest pregnancy and have since April 20th!  What a professional.  So we are both in new territory now.  I love you baby, we went for a short jaunt to Iron Creek Falls in Randle this past week with some of our Alaska family.  It was gorgeous, but I didn't quite make it the whole way.  I'm sure it was even prettier when viewed from just below.  So we snapped a quite photo in the rain to document.  I've been finding myself have a harder and harder time saying and hearing the word dead...and it is everywhere!  My phone is dead...the car battery is dead...the computer died...etc.  I noticed I was getting creative when telling your Dad that my phone didn't have a charge, and I wondered why.  Avoiding the word, I suppose.  It makes it even sadder because all of those things simply need time before they are jump started back to new...not actually dead, just depleted...not actually gone, just temporarily.  And I know that your state won't be...gone will mean gone forever on this earth.  But you're not yet, and we're thankful.  Every kick reminds me that we get to enjoy you a moment longer.  I love you little Graham, and I hope if you know/sense anything that you can feel loved.


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