April 16, 2015

Little Clark II: 34 weeks

Hello Graham!

This week was very good, maybe even great!  We ate yummy food, enjoyed camping, soaked in time as our little family of four with your Uncle John.  And I got to see you again live from the ultrasound machine!  This time your Nana was there too because Dad had to work.  But baby, not only are you huge, at least 5 lbs the doc said, but you've also flipped!  You are head down, which makes me feel a bit more relaxed.  We were going to deliver breach, but you decided for the ?easier? option.  I'm not sure that will be easier for your little head though, which leaves me torn.  But we got to see your little fist, crunched up knees and feet, and perfectly formed and beating heart.  You keep surprising the doctor I think because she had said to be ready for birth at 28 weeks, but each visit she keeps pushing it back.  You are settled in quite nicely, and aside from the anencephaly everything looks perfect.  Mentally I've been considering this week your due date, simply because that is when your brother came, but I don't mind you waiting.  We're looking at a rental this next week, and hope to get in by May 1...so that the new tenants can move into our current/hopefully old place.  You're kicking as I write this which makes me think...hmm...it is getting close to lunch time.  How about some apple carrot salad?  That sounds delish to me.  Love you so much baby.  Pray for you even more, my biggest prayer is that you survive birth.  I know that we will have to be content with whatever happens, but I would love to hold you in my arms before your little soul moves on.

So many kisses,


  1. Tonya Hall and familyApril 18, 2015 at 3:50 PM

    Bless you all sweet Clark family. Sending you all prayers.

    1. My heart is sad reading this. I pray that it could be different for Baby Graham. One thing I do know is that the Lord has this precious baby's life planned out and He will be with your family. Praying for you.