April 9, 2015

Little Clark II: 33 weeks

Dear Graham,

Your brother is at Nana's.  I am resting on the couch writing.  And in the garage I hear the kachunk, kachunk, kachunk of the nail gun as your Daddy builds a casket.  This is not a good day...I should have stayed at Nana's with your brother, but a nap sounded too good to pass up.  I sincerely hope that we don't have to use what your Dad is building.  I hope we can burn it the month after you are born because you're so healthy the thought of keeping it would be completely ridiculous.  Yet that hoping doesn't change the fact that he wanted to be the one to build a place for your body to rest forever.  And thus he is.  A friend and I were talking this week about how everyone's days are numbered, and how from the beginning God knew the exact days of our lives.  It is interesting to think about so I've been mulling it over these past few days.  You've been with us for 33 weeks as of Tuesday; that is 231 days.  Your brother James is just 580 days. Your other sibling was given 56 days, such a small number.  We lost him on New Year's Eve, and the next year cousin Eliana was born that same day.  Bittersweet? Yes.  Your Dad has had 11,078 days, and I am at 10,400 while Great-Grandpa has had 31,451 days today!  Its interesting to think that some are given 56 while others have yet to reach their fulfillment at 31,451 days.  Why isn't a question I feel compelled to ask.  But take heart little one, you are worth more than the sum of your days...infinitely more.  231, 365 or 33,580 your life is valued just the same, but I will admit that it would be easier to know you with more days tucked under your belt.  Rest well little Graham, my growing baby boy.  You've made it to 4 lbs and 17 inches - ish.
Happy 33 weeks buddy.  Don't come this weekend while we're camping ok?!

Love you Graham,
Mama & Daddy


  1. We cried with you this morning and then we prayed for you. It's bittersweet but I'm glad it's Brad building his resting place. Loves & kisses


  2. Hi Dan. Thank you and loves your way!