April 2, 2015

Little Clark II: 32 weeks

Hello baby,

Happy 32 weeks old!  You are rolling a great deal more lately.  I love every moment of it.  Lately you've been scooting your head along my right side, my ribs, my hip.  You've been moving from breach to transverse but still not head down.  We'll see what happens.  If ever you get still and I start to wonder if you are still here, my warm hand is all thats needed on my skin to get you moving a bit.  I cannot believe it has been 12 weeks since we first learned of your anencephaly.  Such a long time.  Some days it feels like mere seconds have passed, and others feel like we've been in this state for years.  Every morning I wake up and rub my hands across my belly to get a feel for where you are.  Every morning I whisper, "are you still here?", and  sometimes you'll kick right away and reassure me...other times it takes a while for a response.  But every morning you've answered my question the same way, "Yes, I am!".  Happy 32 weeks baby.  We love you immensely.

Belly rubs,
Mama and Fadda


  1. You and Graham are beautiful together! Loves to you both. Mom

  2. I just wanted to say that you are a wonderful mama. I just gave birth to my baby girl with anencephaly about two months ago. Such a beautiful journey even with the sadness. I am so happy I carried my baby to term and snuggled her and loved her every second of her life. SO sorry you must endure this but so happy you are SO IN LOVE with your little one!

    1. Hi Missy. I'm so sorry that you have been through this journey as well. I must admit this is a club I never wanted to join (I'm sure you felt similarly). Those snuggles with your little girl must have been so wonderful - really there aren't words. Thank YOU for sharing a little piece of your story.