March 4, 2015

Monthly Portraits: February + cornbread making

These were taken baking cornbread together.  Doesn't that sound just romantic and wonderful?  It was, and I've dreamed of baking things together with kiddos. :)  But lest you think it was all rainbows and ponies, there was also a huge mess on the counter, James, me, the floor, basically everywhere!  He loved dumping things into the bowl, but keeping said ingredients in there was another story.  But he thoroughly loved it!  James also didn't want to use the spoon to stir everything together but preferred a banana snagged from the basket on the counter.  Oh well, it worked too, and we are snacking on it as I type this.  The bread is still in the oven, so we'll see if it turns out.

James - We've been doing more cooking together this month because you are so curious about what goes on on top of the counter.  You've also taken to waving goodbye to objects/people when leaving the room, etc.  Bye-bye tree, bye-bye book, bye-bye Daddy, bye-bye car.  Also your animal noises are really coming out well.  You know how to do the monkey, elephant, hamster, penguin*, giraffe*, sheep and are working on the moose.  (*completely made up by my knowledge of the animal not necessarily a sound)  You can also easily point to all facial features and some body parts.  You know exactly what we are saying despite your 5 word vocabulary - da! (yes), eh eh (no), Dada, Mama, uh oh!.  Da is a recent addition this past week.

The oven just beeped, and our house smells delicious.  Once it cools we'll dig in for our mid-morning snack/second breakfast (necessary when breakfast is upon waking at 6am).

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