March 27, 2015

Little Clark II: 31 weeks

Happy 31.5 weeks Graham!

You have been moving a lot more this week.  Getting bigger all the time.  Around 15.5 inches and over 3 lbs.  Good work buddy.  We love you, and are so glad you decided to stay around another week.  We made plans for a family camping trip after Easter, staying hopeful.  :)  It would be our first time "cabin camping" or glamping, and should be fun.  This week was better than last.  I finished a large commission art piece, and have two other large projects in the wings.  Both are in a state of partial completion.  Story of my life.  Your brother has taken to a new word, baby or rather bebe, and likes to pat my belly.  You are so good at kicking when he puts his little hands up there.  Well my little love, have a good sleep.  We, and many, many others are praying for you daily, hourly.

Monster kisses,
Mama + Daddy + James

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