March 31, 2015

Housekeeping: and my son's job

I love a clean house.  Isn't it just wonderful to plop (and I do me plop) down on the couch and observe a spotless floor, clean counter, empty sink AND dish rack, toys all hidden away, and freshly vacuumed carpet.  Ahhhh!  Never a neat/organized person, rarely are all those boxes check off at the same time.  But lets not get distracted by minor details.  Shall we focus on the purpose of this post?  Yes, lets.

James.  My son.  He has a new job at our house.  His prior and current chore is taking his dirty diapers to the garbage.  He thoroughly enjoys this job, and even reaches for the diaper while getting strapped into a clean one.  After holding the diaper he then reaches for someone's hand to escort for throwing it in the bin.  Precious.

His new, self-appointed, job is to find any speck of anything on the floor.  Pick it up, bring it to my attention through a chorus of uh-ohs, and take it to the garbage can.  Helpful?  yes.  Discouraging? ever so slightly.  We don't live in a dirty house.  I sweep at least once daily, and multiple times around James' chair at the table.  How does he keep finding little bits everywhere?  Does he have a secret stash to draw from?  (it used to be inside my boots, thankfully that's over)  He can find a crumb on the cleanest of floors or carpet.  Its almost funny...almost.  It would be one thing if he could accept that sometimes it isn't the best time to throw it when I'm in the middle of dishes...or putting laundry away.  "Throw it on the floor, and Mommy will get it later" doesn't quite satisfy him.  Not that life should always satisfy him, but deep down I know that it does need to be tossed and I simply don't care at that moment.

Clearly he doesn't get his spotless ways from his mother...and since his father covered a bleeding cut with cardboard and packing tape the other day, that takes Dad out of the race as well.  Apparently James is going to be a naturally fabulous housekeeper.

That or he just loves our step-to-open garbage can. ;)


  1. Maybe James needs his own trash can, a small one with a grocery bag liner, that way he can dispose on his own schedule :)

  2. That is an excellent idea! Glad you thought of it. I'm implementing this tomorrow.