February 26, 2015

Little Clark II: 27 weeks

Hello Graham,

You've made it through the 2nd trimester!!!  Good job baby.  You've really been growing because your stretches make me have to stretch out as well.  You've decided to start having dance parties at 1 am the past few nights, but I love it and you.  The only reason I know is because I am up for the restroom...often.  We have another ultrasound this Friday...to see how you are growing, etc.  Your Dad is taking a half-day off of work so that he can be there which will be really good.  A tiny piece of my heart is hoping with everything that you are healed with a beautiful full brain and skull.  A tiny piece is all I can manage, buddy.  It takes every so slightly less strength to believe God has already called you for a sprint rather than a marathon.  I had a thought this week, if I just stayed pregnant then you would be safe forever.  Of course that isn't how things work, but that didn't stop me from dreaming it.  :)  Graham, the other day I was driving home and the simple thought of: "I'm driving my two boys home" came to me, and it felt indescribably good...a minute of complete peace, contentment and joy.  This week has been peppered with those moments.  I'm so glad.  I love you little fella, and cannot wait to see your little face and kiss your feet, and hands, and tummy, and cheeks, and basically every inch of you.

Happy rolling baby,
Mama + Daddy + James

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