February 19, 2015

A wonderful winter day

With 60+ degree days, there has been no excuse not to be outside.  We have spent time at the lake, in the park, on the swings, tossing rocks into puddles, etc.
As per uze, the park was empty.
James gave me the look...
 Quickly ditched his coat...
 And headed out to explore.
He brings me such joy.


  1. When my kids were itty bitty, we used to spend so much time at Ike Kinswa on days like this...no one was there, the kids played and threw rocks in the lake. Sweet memories...thank you. Thinking of you with love and prayers everyday, Jaime E.

  2. Hi Jaime - It is such a fun park. We also recently found out that most of the lakes, rivers and streams around Lewis County are full of agates. I just briefly looked when James was splashing in the water, and its true! They were littering the beach, just waiting to be picked. So I think a "rock panning" trip may be in the future in one of the rivers.