January 1, 2015

2014 in memories

Gorgeous wintery drives, and brisk winter bike rides with my two fellas.

A big snow for tromping through which was a great reason to huddle under blankets sipping cocoa.  We also took James to the Portland Zoo which was tons of fun, and he developed the saddest sad face ever this month.  Oh those watery eyes and big lip!

Weekly trips to the park for outings, and violets springing up everywhere!  An elimination diet for me which challenged my cooking skills.

Discovery that James is allergic to dairy, which totally changes our lives and his for the much better.  We also took a camping trip to the Quinault Rain Forest.

Wonderful 80 degree days for being outside in the sun and tulip fields.  Traveling to Indiana for a wedding of two special people.

Visiting with family from Indiana, seeing Mt. Rainier, a vegetable garden full of sprouting plants and restarting grad school.

Family evening walks, and discovering my brother is extremely allergic to chives.

Visiting with family from Alabama, taking a gondola ride at Crystal Mountain, and harvesting the garden.

James turns 1!!! Roadtripping for a week to California, and finding out we're expecting another little one!!!

I turn 28, chestnut picking, pumpkin patching, and James starts walking!

My love turns the big 30!  A huge windstorm, James' first haircut, and gorgeous fall leaves.

Chilly afternoon walks, Christmas prep and cheer everywhere, and finishing my Master of Arts in Teaching!

Cheers to 2014, you were great!

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