December 15, 2014

Little Clark II: Hello Baby!

From 10.30.14 

Hello baby,

You are just 10 weeks along, but I felt you move for the first time tonight...I was shocked to feel you so early.  But there is no doubt it was you.
I've been sitting quietly working on a photo book for your brother and day dreaming about the sweet smell of newborn.  I can hear your Dad snoring through the bedroom wall; he has been working hard (always) and needed some extra rest today.  Hopefully you don't mind snoring.  Little one we are so joyful to know you are coming.  I saw you again on the ultrasound today because they couldn't quite catch your heartbeat, but you are still here pumping away.  Lord, keep this one safe and healthy, let him/her be ready to meet us in May.  Watch over my womb and keep knitting away your magic.  Thank you for such a blessing.  We await with joy on our faces, peace in our hearts and tears in our eyes.  Amen.  Goodnight little one.

Love you more than you'll ever know,

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