December 30, 2014

Little Clark II: 19 weeks

Hello baby,

Merry Christmas!  We've been thinking about your arrival, and who you are going to become.
Will you be a boy or girl?  Will you be active or content to rest?  Will you prefer quiet or sounds?  Will you look more like Dad or me or James or totally different?  Will you be a good sleeper?  Will you like being a younger sibling right away?  Will you make your own path in life or choose (wisely please) to follow?  Will you be a large or small baby?  Are you going to come early, late or timely?  Only one person knows all of that, and he's still busy putting you all together.  Speaking of, you're sprouting hair in there this week and are 6 inches long.  That seems so long!  Lord, keep knitting this one together to be just right.  Thank you for such a wonderful little person to join our family!

Loves and kisses,

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