December 27, 2014

Little Clark II: 18 weeks

Dec. 22, 2014
Hello little one,

I've been feeling you a great deal this past week.  You little mover and shaker!  You are supposed to be just over five inches long, and flexing all of your joints.  Your ears are fully developed, and I hope you can hear me reading with James.  Do you like hearing "Adventures on Klickitat Island" as much as your brother?  I started getting those progesterone shots this week.  It wasn't as horrible as I was anticipating, which was wonderful!  That being said, your Dad and Grandma were too nervous to give them to me, so I had to find someone a touch braver.  ;)  You've kicked my hunger into high gear.  I still haven't yet fulfilled those yummy dreams of cheesy smart food popcorn, but I am hoping today during Christmas Eve I will get some.  Love you baby!

Mama & Dad

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