December 21, 2014

Little Clark II: 17 Weeks

Hello Baby,

Well this week was a fun one.  Fascinating dreams about pinto beans and headlice aside, your Dad and I have decided on a name!  Both guy & girl options are covered, we are going to keep quiet about them until you are born just in case we see you and decide that you look more like a/an _____.
You are supposedly 5 inches long now, which is excellent.  All of our Christmas decorations are up.  You are a long way from your first Christmas, but I can't help but hope that the smells and sounds are reaching you even now.  You are set for a growth spurt soon, which is definitely effecting me in the energy department.  All I want to do is sleep and eat smart food popcorn with wildberry skittles, but I've only been doing the first.  Perhaps today I'll indulge in a little cheesy popcorn treat if I finish up shopping.  Our power was out for over 24 hours this week, and it got rather chilly in the house.  Thanks to your Grandad, we had a new generator to keep all of our freezer/refrigerator food good.  It seems like a lot of ladies I know are expecting this least five off the top of my head.  Perhaps you're going to have some similar aged playmates.  Speaking of playmates, your brother is getting a babydoll for Christmas to practice being gentle, Aunt Amy's excellent idea.  I wonder how that will go.  We love you baby, and pray for you nightly.

Mama, Daddy & brother

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