December 16, 2014

Little Clark II: 16 weeks

Hello little one,

You are sixteen weeks strong;  4 months old in there.  You are moving, and I can just feel the whispers of your movements if I am very, very still.
I've been pretty sick thus far, having to eat every hour or two hours or else all is lost.  I'm just glad you are still in there.  Stay nestled in for the long haul, okay?  The doctors are putting me on shots so that your little home will stop tightening on you.  Mama isn't supposed to be stressed, but the idea of those weekly shots are testing that resolve.  You have lots of people praying for you, and your current home...that all will stay relaxed and soft and safe.  I suppose finishing school this Friday is for the best. :)  The power was out today for a bit again.  But we lit some candles, making our Christmas greens look even more festive.  You are showing yourself pretty well here, and your Daddy and I are trying to talk about you with your older brother as much as possible.  He gave you big kisses this morning, but it could just be that he was trying to lick my belly button.  I'm going to believe it was the first.  We are so excited to meet you little one, and for you to grow our family of three into a family of four!  They say that your ears are developed enough to start hearing sounds this bring on the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Alabama Christmas, and Dean Martin Holiday stations.

Love you!

Mama, Daddy & brother

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